About Me

meWell aren’t you sweet?

So you’re obviously here because you wanted to know a bit more about me. I’m flattered, and flattery will get you everywhere.

I’m Garrett McCord. I’m a food writer who lives in Sacramento with my husband, a derby corgi named Jack, and two cats who are relatively sure they’re human. (Regardless of what I tell them.)

I’ve been working as a food writer since 2004, starting with a humble little blog called, Vanilla Garlic. Eventually, Vanilla Garlic grew to garner a monthly audience of over 100,000 people a month and led to a lot of other fascinating opportunities. The blog was nominated for numerous awards for the writing, and even won a few.

I eventually started to do a lot of other writing for various magazine, websites, and a few newspapers. I even wrote a bestselling cookbook with my best friend called, Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese. Throughout all of this I was developing my culinary skills by working in various pastry kitchens and restaurants as an assistant pastry chef. I even took a small break to travel all across China and Tibet to learn about the numerous cuisines.

Somewhere in all that I picked up a Masters degree in teaching high school and college-level writing and literature, and wrote a terribly long thesis about the rhetoric of the Slow Food movement that will probably bore you to tears unless you’re super into academia. On occasion, I put my degree to use by teaching writing courses at food blogger conferences and culinary schools. On the side, I also write grant applications, press releases, and other content for various nonprofit organizations in the Nor Cal region.

These days, I use my experience to help various clients in the food industry get their message across. In a world where content is king messages need to be timely, succinct, informative, engaging, and able to connect with your target audience.

I’m pretty sure I can help you with that, and I’m willing to bet that we would make a marvelous team.

I hope to hear from you soon!