Recipe Development & Testing

If Pinterest boards and Google searches have taught us anything, it’s that people want recipes. More than that, they want recipes that work.

Perhaps you need food pairings for your latest vintage or an easy and engaging dinner  recipe that shows off your latest product? Allow me to help you develop a number of options that will catch the eyes of your readers.

Recipes can be designed to fit your message. Be it a laid back brunch recipe, a novel cake, or even a collection of engaging cocktails we’ll work together to develop a menu that no one can resist!

Or, perhaps you already have a recipe! Any recipe that goes out to your customers should be thoroughly tested. After all, nothing will deflate customer confidence more than a cake that didn’t rise or a chicken that’s still raw on the inside. I can put your recipes through the paces and ensure that they’re approachable, clear, and work solidly each and every time.

I’ve also cut my chops by writing my own bestselling cookbook, Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese, which came out in 2013; and Stewards of Spirits: A Collection of Sacramento Cocktails and the People Who Make Them in 2016.

Recipe testing clients have included website and cookbooks including Gourmet Live, Huffington PostLeite’s Culinaria, The Sacramento BeeSimply RecipesThe Steamy Kitchen Cookbook, The Great Big Veg Challenge, and the award-winning Duck, Duck, Goose.