Writing Services

Direct to Customer Communications
Looking to reach your customers on your email list with promotions, fascinating information, or some exciting news regarding your brand? Let me help you craft quirky, stylized content that your people can’t help but smile, enjoy, and click through to your website.

Blog Post Generation
Blogs are a great way to connect to your audience, generate optimal SEO, and take your social media by storm. Having blogged at site like About.com, Epicurious, Gourmet Live, and Simply Recipes. Not to mention my own blog, Vanilla Garlic, which was nominated twice for Best Food Writing by Saveur.

However, writing that content can be frustrating. Why not rely on a seasoned blogger to take on the task? Your team and I will get together to generate a number of ideas that will create inspired and personalized content that will resonate with your readers.

If your comma splices, dices, and makes julienne fries then we should talk. Whether you’re writing a business grant application or a press release it’s always a smart idea to have an extra pair of trained eyes.  With a Masters in Writing Instruction and over a decade of editing experience I can assist with grammar, unseen spelling errors, clarity of message, and tone to ensure that your communication goes out flawlessly.

Tasting Notes and Product Descriptions
People have short attention spans, meaning you need to make that visceral connection with them quickly. The right words can do just that. Whether you want a short hook, an educational and expansive tutorial, a detailed and researched history piece, or to generate novel tasting notes to resonate with a reader’s intelligence and palate I can assist.

Press Releases
Have big news to share with the world? Putting together the perfect press release is key to ensuring media interest. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or announcing a new cookbook a succinct and informative media campaign is crucial. Having written numerous press releases for both (as well as for art shows, Kickstarter events, and more) I can help you get the word out.